Aim & Objectives

The aim of this project is to address:

  • the meanings ascribed to para-sport bodies through the mediation of the 2016 Paralympics
  • audience interpretations of these representations
  • through creative artworks, how meanings ascribed to para-sport bodies influence public understandings of people with disabilities, inclusion/exclusion, and the full participation of people with disabilities in everyday life

The project is of pressing importance with respect to furthering knowledge, policy and practice with regard to meanings ascribed to disability, inclusion/exclusion, everyday life with disability (including suffering, pain and loneliness), and established relationships between disability and a range of psychological and emotional disorders (e.g. mental health issues, PTSD, eating disorders). The project will make an important contribution to public awareness; its own legacy shaping public attitudes towards disability/people with disabilities through permanent, accessible digital and documentary exhibits (elevating voices of people with disabilities) deriving from creative engagement though the project.

Photograph of Australian Paralympic team members at the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games in London