‘Behind the scenes’ in Paralympic Production: Free Event Open to the Public (Bournemouth University, 16 June 2018)


ICA Preconference: Sports Communication and Social Justice


Date: 24 May 2019. 9.00am – 5.00pm


Location: Institute on Disability and Public Policy at American University, Washington – http://www.idppglobal.org. Google maps link.


ICA Divisions: Sports Communication, and Activism, Communication and Social Justice


Organisers: Dan Jackson, Emma Pullen, Michael Silk (Bournemouth University) and Filippo Trevisan (American University, Washington)


8.30am – coffee and welcome


9.00-10.00am – Panel 1 (Chair, Emma Pullen, Bournemouth University)


Sport, media and culture 


Michael L. Butterworth (University of Texas at Austin)

Sports Media and the Quest for Unity: How the Logic of Consensus Undermines Democratic Culture


Michael Serazio (Boston College)

The Power of Sports: Media and Spectacle in American Culture


Thomas Corrigan (California State University, San Bernardino)

New directions for critically theorizing the sports-media-society relationship: The Athletic and the disaggregation of sports media from public service journalism


10.00-10.15am – break


10.15-11.15am – Panel 2


Places and spaces of social justice (Chair, Cheryl Cooky, Purdue University)


Helen Morgan Parmett (University of Vermont) and Kate Ranachan (University of Minnesota)

The Sportification of Place: Reimagining cities through the media-sport complex


Perry B. Johnson and Courtney M. Cox (University of Southern California)

“Superbowling” for Change: The Acoustic Territory of the Super Bowl Halftime Show


Timothy Coombs and Sherry J. Holladay (Texas A&M University)

Sensory Rooms for Fans: A Social Justice Concern for Those Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder


11.15-11.30am – break


11.30am-12.30pm – Panel 3 (Chair, Helen Morgan Parmett, University of Vermont)


Race, activism and social justice


Adam Rugg (Fairfield University)

Incorporating Activism: The NFL, Social Justice, and Player Agency


Madison Green and Meredith Bagley (University of Alabama)

More Than Kneeling: Colin Kaepernick and Athlete Voice


Irene Blum, Isabel Awad and Jacco van Sterkenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Protesting in a new media landscape: Colin Kaepernick and the return of Black athlete activism


12.30-1.15pm – lunch


1.45-2.30pm – Keynote (Chair, Lawrence Wenner, Loyola Marymount University)


Marie Hardin (Pennsylvania State University)


2.30-3.30pm – Panel 4 (Chair, Filippo Trevisan, American University, Washington)


Athlete activism

Michael Mirer (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Adrianne Grubic (University of Texas)

PR or Public Forum?: Athlete activism and audience response in team-operated media


Cheryl Cooky (Purdue University) and Dunja Antunovic (Bradley University)

Articulations of feminism in media narratives of athlete activism


Emily Deering Crosby (University of Mary Washington)

Larry Nassar and Rhetorical Monster-Making: Political Subversion in the #MeToo Sports Era


3.30-3.45pm – break


3.45-5pm – Panel 5 (Chair, Dan Jackson, Bournemouth University)


Media and the margins


Cinzia Padovani (Loughborough University)

The Extreme Right and Football Fan Groups: A Critical Analysis of Media Coverage


Chen Chen and Dan Mason (University of Alberta)

‘We Fought a Battle Bigger Than Lacrosse’: Media coverage of the Iroquois Nationals and the 2010 World Lacrosse Championship


Timothy Mirabito (Ithaca College), Cathy McKay, Joshua R. Pate and Emeka Anaza (James Madison University)

Engaging with wheelchair basketball: Analyzing viewer attitudes and actions toward ‘The Rebound: A Wheelchair Basketball Documentary’


 Carolyn Jackson-Brown (Leeds Trinity University)

Borrowing brands to create a brand: the commercial mediation of para-sport


5.00-5.30pm – reflections and closing remarks


Marie Hardin and Lawrence Wenner


5.30pm onwards – drinks reception







Come and join us in a talk taking place at the Festival of Learning organised by Bournemouth University between 16-20 June 2018!

We look forward to a lively debate, questions and reflections from members of the public, students and academics. Access is free and more information about the festival is available here.

Date: Saturday 16th June 16:00 -18:00

Title: Going ‘behind the scenes’ in Paralympic Production: Channel 4 and the broadcasting of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games

Channel 4 – the UK’s official Paralympic broadcaster – aimed to give the Paralympic Games a fresh new look through their challenging and innovate broadcasting strategy and marketing campaigns. This session provides an insight into the production decisions taken by Channel 4 in the broadcasting and marketing of the Games from London 2012 to Rio 2016, giving you a unique insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of Paralympic production. The findings are based on a two year BU research project that is the first study of its kind to explore the production of the Paralympics and the wider impact on public attitudes toward disability.

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